twinsText=Written May 2003 By Jason Payne (

The Twins They are exiled programs that emulate the human myth of ghosts as the Oracle explained. They are programs behaving badly. Persephone killed one of the Merovingian's bodyguards with a silver bullet because he was emulating a vampire. So if the Twins could phase into ghost form, why didn't he when his arm was trapped in the door of the garage? Was it because he was wounded or because he can't phase when his arm is trapped? No; had he have phased, he would have lost his arm. The doors of that building, when shut, always led somewhere else (usually in the mountains) when opened again without the Keymaker's key. So if it were slammed shut due to the Twin phasing into ghost form, the Twin's arm would've become distantly detached from the Twin's body. However, this is not to mention that had the door have shut, he would not have been able to open the door to the same location as those he was pursuing, for the same reason.