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Links to other Matrix sites (to add your link here, add our link to your site using one of these graphics then e-mail neo@x-matrix.net):

The official place to get your Matrix memorabilia and lots of other Matrix goodies. Don't settle for less, settle for the best.
Collaboration by fans of the series, 1999 to present. History, news, archives of past discussions and meetings, image gallery, free Webspace, and a message board.
Zion Mainframe
A long-established Matrix fan site, the source of some of the transcripts hosted on this site and features a cool Java-based intro movie. Answer the phone...
Cypher Blue Pill
Choose wisely on entering Cypher Blue Pill - a site that is fully devoted to the Matrix and all things involved with it. So feel free to explore the Matrix to its fullest. But if you're afraid... you could always still take that blue pill.
Matrix Unplugged
A nice Web site neatly arranged with some facts and trivia from the movies along with some classic quotes. This site also contains the secrets to unlocking the Matrix - a must-see.
Matrix Forever
Features news and a full listing of cast and crew members for all three films. Also contains scans of some Matrix-related magazine articles.
Where Is The Matrix
Lots of Matrix news, and some wicked Matrix games in Flash to play. You can also send you best Matrix friend a Matrix e-postcard from here.
The Matrix Online
A nice fresh looking site with up-to-date news and a page of information all about the Wachowski brothers themselves.
Secrets, explanations and background info of the Matrix trilogy. Collection of theories regarding the Matrix trilogy. Matrix secrets explained and hidden hints revealed.
Matrix Shades
A UK-based sunglasses company that sells the Matrix shades at very reasonable prices and are authentic replicas. It's where I bought mine from!
The Matrix Mythology and Characters Homepage
One of the best Flash introductions on a Matrix fan site that I've seen outside of X-matrix.net. It also has some fantastic explanations on the characters from a mythological and religious perspective. Very well researched - a must-read.
Exegesis of the Matrix
Promotes the book by Peter B. Lloyd that contains extensive analyses of the philosophical, religious, and political questions raised by the Matrix films. Plus reviews on other 'Matrix philosophy' books.
The Matrix - Links, Commentary and Blog
The Matrix - Links, Commentary and Blog: Internet portal to the vast meanings of the Matrix Trilogy. Original essays are also posted and authors encourage the submission of links, essays or comments.
Moose Hole
Moose Hole: The place for definitive movie reviews. This particular linked page is an article from the author’s opinion based on the Matrix movie series and is a reflection of his thoughts on certain aspects of the trilogy.
The Matrix Saga
The Oracle, an element of the Matrix itself led the war and
humbled the machines. From the birth of Neo till the
peace, it was omnipresent. But why? And how?
The Matrix: Overloaded
Matrix Unloaded
KeanuWebMVR 3D

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